Josef Olmert
3 min readDec 17, 2019


Here is a story which put in perspective the latest failure of the antisemitic international known as BDS. Few days ago, professor hatem Bazian, a leading BDS promoter and also Berkeley’s university Peace and Justice Commissioner [yes… no joke… this is the Socialist Republic of Berkeley], called upon the local community to boycott Trader Joe’s for the crime of selling Israeli made feta cheese. Imagine it my readers, this is what occupies the attention of a ‘’peace fighter’’, the Israeli feta cheese[BTW-great taste…], not the New York Times story about the massacre of peaceful demonstrators in Iran, not the ethnic cleansing of Kurds in Syria, not the bloody anti Iranian riots in Iraq. It is the Israeli made feta cheese, the real challenge to peace and justice in the world.

This is the beginning of the story, here is the end of it. The call for boycott was brought to the attention of Joe Zevuloni, an Israeli living in Florida who is the head of an organization called’’Israeli army of publicity’’, and Zevuloni, as to be expected from a punctual , action-oriented Israeli got into action. He called upon the followers of his group and other people to go to the store and purchase the feta cheese. His call worked, and so, within hours pro-Israel customers had emptied quite a few of Trader Joe’s stores of their Israeli made feta cheese and other Israeli products.So, my dear readers, Israel’s economy was saved?, or maybe Berkeley university, an iconic academic center was caught red-handed as a place promoting hatred instead of ‘’peace and justice’’?, or maybe yet again, BDS is exposed for what it really is, yet another failing stage in the campaign to delegitimize Israel?. I personally go for the last two , rather than the first. Israeli economy is doing great, in fact, a little too good for the welfare of the state. The Shekel is today the strongest currency in the entire world, not so good for a country whose economy thrives on exports. However, that has nothing to do with the BDS movement, which by calling for boycotts of Israel, tries to prevent Israeli exports-a failure-still with a strong Shekel ,Israel’s exports in 2019 total 115 BN US $.It is just one figure representing the Israeli economic miracle. No need to specify every other indicator of this tremendous success story-the yearly stats of the World Bank and IMF tell the story in full.

So we turn to other elements of the Trader Joe’s story. Here is a leading American university which indulges in spreading hatred instead of educating its students for tolerance, diversity , real peace and justice. Surely there are those who justify Berkeley’s actions because they are anti Israel, but then they need to realize, that hatred is infectious.It starts about one country, it spreads to others , and it is also a destructive force. Maybe somebody from Berkeley will read this piece, and will sell his peers this ‘’strange’’ idea, that rather than boycotting Israel, it may be a good idea for Berkeley to cooperate with Israel. So, as a voluntary service to Berkeley, here are some projects developing currently in Israel which could be of interest to those who REALLY are interested in ‘’peace and justice’’.

This is not an updated list of some of the most amazing health breakthroughs in Israel-difficult to keep in touch with the speed with which they develop all this in Israel-A compound kills energy generating system of cancer, personal menu to help avoid diabetes, world’s first bone implants.I can go on and on, it is an endless list, but hopefully maybe [just hoping against hope…] that Berkeley will appoint a commissioner for scientific cooperation with Israel.

Finally we have the overall sense, that BDS is actually such a big failure. Those who do not believe me, should better view the current wave of Parliamentarian decisions in European countries banning BDS , declaring it to be antisemitic. Britain is about to do that very soon. Poor BDS supporters, they held their breath expecting Jeremy Corbyn to win and immediately declare his support for BDS. Instead, it is Boris Johnson who was elected, and he calls himself a Zionist. Well, finally a British PM with a good historic, moral and political understanding of the Middle East. A politician who understands that Zionism is history, whereas anti Zionism, say BDS, belongs to the dustbin of history. Is anyone is listening in Berkeley???