German, Japanese, Palestinians-A Comparison about Historic Narratives

The first of September, the twenty second of June and the seventh of December are days of high emotion, as well as security alerts in Germany, Poland, Russia, Japan and the US. In these days, millions of Germans and Japanese memorize the beginning of World War II, the German invasion of the Soviet Union, and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Memorize? Not exactly. They go wild against the Poles, Russians and Americans[no joint border between Japan and US… so they converge on the American bases in Japan], trying to violently cross the borders and invade Poland , Russia[now… formerly USSR], and whatever American installations in Japan. They try to do it, because they call these particular days ‘’ the Defeat days’’[The Germans and Japanese do not know Arabic, so they do not use the word Nakbah], the days in which people in Germany and Japan were subjected to terrible, unprovoked aggression by Poland, Russia and the US, aggression which caused untold suffering, poverty and dispossession to millions of poor Germans and Japanese who paid dearly for no fault of their own. These Germans and Japanese suffered, because they were the victims of crimes committed by invaders against their peace-loving countries and peoples, which in that time, were led by famously peaceful leaders, Adolph Hitler and Hideki Tojo.

Prior to these days, and on the days themselves, the free, Progressive, peace-loving media in many countries, led by the likes of the NYT, CNN,Guardian and Independent fully supports the desperate Germans and Japanese who simply display peacefully, through road mines, armed ambushes and deliberate fires set in the invaded countries , how good-intention they are, motivated by leaders who preach them to kill all Poles, Russians and Americans, clearly as a non-violent message of peace. The peaceful protest somehow is misunderstood by the countries affected, and alas, they order their armed forces to react forcefully to what they consider to be an armed invasion, what the media considers a peaceful protest. Germans and Japanese are killed again as a result, and that surely indicates to the Progressive media in the Western world, that they are the eternal victims who deserve sympathy. It is not only the media which shows sympathy to the suffering Germans and Japanese. There are also many countries in the EU, and even more so in the voice of human conscience, the UN Human Rights Council, led by icons of democracy and peace, like Syria, Cuba and other progressive countries.[Oh, we do not forget also Venezuela]. So, this council orders inquiry against Poland, Russia and the US. The results of the inquiry are well known in advance-sanctions against Poland, Russia and the US. Why really to waste international funds, why waste time? Just issue the results of the inquiry, and spare us the inquiry itself.

By now, my readers[hope there are any…] issued their verdict on me and The Writer is hallucinating, under the influence of some unspecified damaging mushroom. Does he think, that his readers have no clue about what really happened in the days specified? are to be ridiculed for allowing such a revisionist historian to use their otherwise free arena, in order to spread terrible lies and distortions. Well, the writer knows ‘’some ‘’ history, and are to be commended for giving him the space. No, the Germans and the Japanese do not do anything like what was described here. No, the vast majority of Germans and Japanese know the truth, know that their countries opened the wars mentioned, that their leaders brought disasters upon them, that sadly enough, most of their peoples, in both Germany and Japan were active and even enthusiastic participants in the wars started by their leaders, and something else does not happen, contrary to what was described above. The NYT, CNN, Guardian and Independent would never have dared to support Germans and Japanese doing what was so falsely described above.

That said, it is all turned upside down when it comes to the Palestinians. Armed invasion from Gaza, a Palestinian-controlled territory to the sovereign State of Israel, is a legitimate act,’’ understandable’’,’’ peaceful ‘’ protest of the Palestinians against the Nakhba and Nakhsa. Nakhba is to be memorized on the fifteenth of May, the day five Arab armies invaded the newly-established state of Israel, and opened a war ending in their defeat. Nakhsa is to be memorized on the fifth of June, the day when the Six days war started. This war started after the then Egyptian dictator, Abd al Nasser blocked the straights of Tiran and the Suez Canal for Israeli shipping, both were acts of war, and then announced his intention to exterminate Israel and its population. He, Syria and Jordan lost this war. The Jews survived this attack, as well as that of 1948, much to the chagrin of those who memorize the Nakhba and Nakhsa. In fact, those who regret not succeeding killing all the Jews. The Jews continue to exist in their country, which is getting more prosperous by the day. The Palestinians continue to blame the Jews and they are not doing so well, to put it mildly.

Maybe some lessons in German and Japanese history could help them? Maybe also it could be helpful to the NYT, CNN, Guardian and Independent? No such hope though about the doomed UN Human Rights Council.


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