Josef Olmert
4 min readApr 23, 2021


Each time when it seems , that the UN cannot go lower, we find out that it can and how. The latest outrage is the election of the Islamic Republic of Iran to a 4-year term in the UN COMMISSION ON THE STATUS OF WOMEN. Really, not a joke though very macabre one? .Well ,it is true and it is terrible but not really surprising. We are now in the midst of the appeasement season, appeasement towards the rogue regime in Tehran. Sadly, but again not surprising, this is a policy led by no other than the Biden administration. They seem to be in an amok run to return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, and in the process are ready to make far-reaching concessions to the Iranians, who , in turn, demand more from the Americans. As it seems, they will get all the concessions they want, and then they will be able to continue their domestic oppressive policies against minorities , and in particular against women. We talk here about the same Biden administration which otherwise applying strict policy of emphasizing human rights as their prime concern with regard to countries in the Middle East. They do not apply it with regard to Iran, which ’’somehow’’ seems to escape the sanctimonious rage of American Progressives who currently swell the ranks of the Biden administration.

The Iranian regime will continue its anti women policies exactly because they will interpret the American concessions they get about their nuclear program as an indication , that they can do whatever they want inside Iran. When it comes to the treatment of women, then here is the appalling statistic, facts , not fiction, about what it means to be a woman in the country which was elected to be a protector of women rights by the UN. Iran is the world’s record holder of the execution of women. Until the end of 2019, and only during the term of President Rouhani, who is considered a ‘’moderate’’, and who was in office since August 2013, no less than 116 women were executed in Iran. The number as well as the names of all the poor women are based on reports in the state-run Iranian media, so no mistake here. The women’s Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran argues, that the actual figures are higher, as the regime carries out most executions without anyone knowing except for those who do it. So why is there such a high number of women being executed?

One of the most plausible explanations to this state of affairs , is the fact , that many women killed their husbands after suffering years of relentless verbal, sexual and violent abuse by them, without being able to complain to the authorities about that and having these husbands paying for their crimes. It is the case in the Islamic Republic of Iran, that husbands are always right and the women are guilty. Supporters of the regime will clearly argue, that the situation is different, almost a paradise for women, as clause 21 of the constitution gives women the right to hold public office, participate in the work force and drive , among other rights which should be considered normal, but in Iran are considered as a sign of how good it is for women. The reality is different though. For example, the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Gender Gap report ranked Iran 140 out of 144 countries for gender parity. Add up to this so many restrictions, for example the Hijab wearing rule , as well as many others, and we can see reality versus fiction, truth versus propaganda.

Yet, Iran is now a member of the UN Commission on the status of women, and the UN council on Human Rights continues to be the arena where the most vile decisions are accepted automatically against Israel but not , of course, against Iran. In March of this year, the Council praised Iran in a periodic review of its human rights record, and with all that happening, the simple question is, who cares about the UN? .Surely people of good will, people of peace, people of dialogue , people who believe in the supremacy of real human rights should despise this organization which has long become the greatest spreader of hate in the world. There are those who think differently about the UN, and we can find them in Iran, North Korea , Syria, Cuba and some other such states. What a group to be a member of…

The women of Iran are not among the fans of the UN, as this organization has finally and formally become their number two enemy, as number one still continues to be the regime in their own country. May I suggest who are in the number three place in this list of enemies of women in Iran-no need to go further away from Washington DC, where a new American administration is bending over backwards to give a license of legitimacy to the most oppressive anti women regime in the world. What an unholy alliance here in the service of such evil. Crazy world, have we said it already?.